Lindsey Franks

Lindsey Franks is an abstract painter located just outside of the Atlanta area where she lives with her husband and two children. Through the interplay of texture and color, she strives to create compositions that evoke a harmonious and intriguing visual experience through the use of a natural organic color palette.

In the early stages of her career, art served as an escape and respite from the five-year battle to start a family and the stresses of the IVF process. The act of creating became a transformative meditation and it was during this time that she discovered the profound impact art can have on one's life. Now, Lindsey strives to create a shared visual experience that inspires positive emotions and serves as a source of solace and inspiration to collectors. Her compositions allow for the viewer to rest, exuding a sense of peace, joy, and serenity- words often used when describing her work. 

Lindsey is self taught in her current mediums, however creating has always been a constant in her life, even as early as elementary school when a drawing of hers was chosen for exhibit at the Pumphouse Center for Arts in her hometown of Chillicothe, Ohio. Over the years, Lindsey has participated in several Online Emerging Artist 

Exhibits and regional juried shows. Additionally, Lindsey regularly participates in local art festivals, striving to make art more visible and accessible to those in her community.  

Available Work